4 de noviembre 2018





fried potatoes with herbs & sea salt and alioli   9.75

patatas bravas (fried potato wedges with spicy brava sauce & alioli)   9.75

little gems salad with avocado vinagreta & hazelnuts   10.75

roasted cauliflower & fennel salad with sherry vinagreta  12.75

brussels sprouts a la plancha with parsley garlic oil  10.75

butternut squash soup with fried sage  9.75

toasted acme baguette with queso fresco & raspberry jam8.75


mariscos y pescados          

fried gambas wrapped with bacon & spinach, 

                               pineapple habanero alioli   16.75

grilled california mahi mahi with preserved meyer lemon,

                                         tomato, onion & arugula    15.75

salt cod croquetas with olive alioli  10.75                            


grilled lamb chops with garlic jam & lentil salad   16.75

roasted stuffed quail (chorizo, rice, herbs) with mashed potatoes

                                                               & brandy sauce  17.75

moises’ mother’s spicy pork stew (pork shoulder, tomato, onion,

                                              potato, jalapeño, cilantro)    13.75

grilled solomillo de cerdo ibérico with mashed potatoes &

              red wine reduction (sirloin from the iberian black pig)    18.75                                                                                              

grilled filet mignon with mashed potatoes & red wine reduction   17.75                                                                                                          


montaditos (toasts with)  

garbanzo bean spread, sautéed spinach, garlic & onion   10.25

smoked salmon, anchovies, bell pepper & alioli   10.75

grilled chicken breast with mojo verde alioli    10.75

assorted montaditos   10.75


bocadillos (acme bread baguette sandwiches)

spicy tuna (fresh tombo tuna confit, peppers, capers, oil olive) & egg   13.25

manchego cheese with sautéed arugula (garlic & pepper  flakes)  13.25

beef adobo (tomato, onion, garlic, red chile) & arugula   13.75


 paella césar de mariscos  29.75

(please allow 25 minutes)

large shrimp, clams, octopus, chorizo, chicken, tomato                         

      & onion in a roasted lobster broth with peas, piquillo peppers & alioli,              (if you would prefer alioli on the side, please request)




we offer our césar paellas to take home

made to order and ready to serve

just return our paella pan when you’re done

pan sizes range from serving 4 guests to 18  guests


please email us at cesarberkeley@gmail.com

quesos &                  



jamón serrano

              with grilled persimmon & mint

(natural, dry-cured ham from the landrace white pig breed, produced by redondo iglesias spain’s “mastero del jamón”)                                                            13.75


fermin jamón ibérico de bellota,  

(“pata negra”, the world’s most highly regarded

and expensive ham, free-range, acorn-fed,                       black-footed pigs)  22.75


plato de charcuteria

chorizo ibérico,

ibérico longaniza salchichón,                

surtido de quesos (assorted cheeses                                   with herbs & olive oil),

almonds, membrillo & apples  13.75


three spanish cheeses

san simon  (smoked cow),

cabra al vino (goat cheese with red wine),

& idiazabal (pressed sheep)   11.75   



marinated olives  3.75

(first taste of olives is complimentary)


fried marcona almonds  4.75



postres desserts                           

bread pudding with                                          orange-caramel sauce   8.75

coffee flan   7.75

toasted almond & caramelized fig                                         ice cream   7.75

crema de chocolate   7.75

organic strawberries with

                   rose cream   7.75

mel (honey) i mato (cowgirl creamery fresh cow cheese) with peaches 

& almonds 7.75                                                                                                                                                                                 



bar hours:

noon to midnight every day

kitchen hours:

noon till 11pm,

friday&saturday noon till 11:30pm