takeout menu:


fried potatoes with herbs & sea salt and alioli   7

patatas bravas (fried potato wedges with spicy brava sauce & alioli)   7

roasted beet salad with fennel, arugula & anise vinagreta   8

brussels sprouts a la plancha with parsley garlic oil   8

spinach tortilla (potato, egg, onion, currants, pine nuts) with pickled veg & alioli   8

grilled rockfish with preserved meyer lemon-tomato-caper relish & rice 13

pork spare ribs with pomegranate jalapeño sauce   12

grilled filet mignon with mashed potatoes & red wine reduction   15                                                                              

grilled lamb chops with garlic jam, braised lentils & romesco sauce   16

bocadillos (acme bread baguette sandwiches)

grilled eggplant and onion with arugula & romesco sauce  11

smoked salmon, goat cheese, pickled red onion & lettuce   11

beef adobo (tomato, onion, garlic, red chile) with arugula 11


bread pudding with orange caramel sauce & whipped cream   7

crema de chocolate (hazelnut, cinnamon, whipped cream)   5

scoop of toasted almond & caramelized fig ice cream   4

scoop of raspberry sorbet   4

paella césar de mariscos 

(large shrimp, clams, squid, chorizo, chicken, tomato & onion in a roasted lobster broth with peas, piquillo peppers & alioli)

we are making our signature paella throughout the day so that you can enjoy it right away:

each individual, ready-to-eat portion is $13

or order your own paella served in the pan (please allow 25 minutes):

one paella for two people is $25 plus a pan deposit

we can make larger paellas up to 20 portions

each additional portion is $12